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Fresh start ahead.

The daily burdens and long-term worries of type 2 diabetes were never part of your plans. What if you could put type 2 into remission and focus on everything else in life that matters to you? Level2 is your chance at a fresh start.

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“I didn’t know that I could put my diabetes into remission. But now I’m seeing it happen.”

Sandi went from 6 pills a day to 1.5.

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Level2 makes remission possible.

With a type 2 diagnosis, you may think that meds, fingersticks, and frustrating diets are the best you can hope for. That once you have diabetes, there’s no going back.

But we know a different future is possible. Level2 is a new model of diabetes care that goes beyond managing symptoms to offer a fresh start. We’ve helped people reduce type 2 meds, lower their weight and A1C, and look forward to life without diabetes in the way.

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Absolutely free + earn up to $550

The level2 program is a free benefit to eligible UnitedHealthcare members. Plus you could earn up to $550 just for participating.

Small changes. Big impact.

Through real-time data and coaching, we help you build a personalized roadmap to remission. Find what works for you day by day. Make progress you can see and feel. If you meet the eligibility requirements, available at no cost to you with your UnitedHealthcare insurance.

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Wearable technology

Goodbye, guesswork.

Wearable trackers show you exactly how food, activity, sleep, and mood impact your sugars in real time. Now it’s easy to learn and adjust as you go.

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Personalized coaching

Support leads to success.

You’re not alone in this. From Day One your Level2 coach gives you clear direction and motivation to bring your goals closer.

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Clinical care

Experts in your corner.

Our virtual care team of doctors, RNs, dietitians, and endocrinologists helps you make progress safely and effectively.

Life-changing impact.

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Fewer medications

Nearly 100 members reduce their need for type 2 meds every month

Painless monitoring

Fingersticks avoided - and counting

Healthier weight

Of members lose weight within 90 days

Improved glucose levels

Average member A1c within three months

Before starting the Program, consult your health care provider and tell your provider about your participation in the Program. The Program does not replace your relationship with your health care provider and is not a substitute for obtaining professional medical attention or assistance. If you have medical concerns about the Program (before, during, or after your participation), you should consult with your health care provider.

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“I’ve lost 30 pounds and brought my A1Cs down. My doctors were like, man, that’s amazing!”

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What would you do with a fresh start?

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