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In the fight against diabetes, it helps to arm yourself with information. Look to us for helpful resources and motivation, whether it’s the latest metabolic science, inspiration to eat and live well, or smart reminders to post on your fridge.

Featured Insights

group of people using their cell phones

8 Lifestyle Tips to Help Turn a Bad Mood Around

When we describe our feelings, we can be pretty specific. We use words like bored, irritated, content, calm, aggravated, restless, excited, and on and on.…

bowl of blueberries

5 Nutritional Quick Hits for People with Type 2 Diabetes

Food at its simplest form is fuel for your body. But the reality is that it’s so much more—each food item is a specific set…


COVID-19 and Resilience video introduction frame

Webinar – COVID-19 and Resilience

Stress resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic can lower the immune system. Relieving stress and anxiety is critical for people managing type 2 diabetes.

COVID-19 in Real Life video introduction frame

Webinar – COVID-19 in Real Life

We’re excited to introduce you to Level2 member, Jon, as he shares his story on how Level2 was instrumental in helping him recover from COVID-19.

COVID-19 and Type 2 Diabetes video introduction frame

Webinar – COVID19 and Type 2 Diabetes

Webinar for Level2 participants on the risks for people with type 2 diabetes and COVID-19.


hands being washed at a faucet

Coronavirus News Can Be Stressful. Here’s How to Manage Your Anxiety

With more than 3.7 billion search results, COVID-19 seems to be all the world is talking about. Every day, there’s a new headline about how…

man doing push ups while looking forward

How to Use Household Items as Exercise Equipment

No access to gym equipment? You can get in a full workout right in the comfort of your own home. And you don’t need to…

woman writing with a pencil in a notebook with a cup of coffee next to her

Write It Down: Tips for Keeping a Health Journal

A health journal or diary is an ideal way to keep tabs on various aspects of your health. This tool can help you keep track…

a group of people walking on a beach at sunset

Move More, Live Better: How Moving Your Body Changes Your Brain

We know that adding physical activity into our lives helps us to be healthier—there are reasons, after all, that it’s one of the top New Year’s…

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